"Kristen was wonderful to work with! I hired her for focused research, and she went above and beyond. Her process is professional and organized from start to finish, from determining your research goals to delivering the final product. Above all, she is obviously passionate about her work; I can tell she enjoys 'the hunt'! Without reservation, I would highly recommend Kristen."

Michelle Kaelin

W Boylston, MA

"Kristen has been helping me research my family history. It's like a mystery novel unfolding- unexpected and fascinating. Thank you Kristen for your talents in uncovering my family story. I will definitely be seeing you again! If you are looking for a Christmas gift, this would be an excellent choice."

Julie Mitton

Weymouth, MA 

"Let me first start off by saying, it has been a tremendous pleasure having Trading Stories with the Leaves discover the earliest origins of my family! My mother recently turned 60 this year and I had the best birthday gift to offer her, over 200 years of accurate genealogical information dating back to 1810.  It’s impossible to acknowledge American history without accessing the trauma of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade; information and documents were destroyed, went missing or were never taken. With that in mind the sheer volume of information Kristen discovered speaks to her unwavering dedication to her craft. We truly appreciate her time and commitment to adding to our family history, thank you!"

Jabari Scutchins

Scituate, MA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The binder brought my uncle to tears- said it is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for him or given him. He’s so excited to spend the day tomorrow reading it all."

Alison Lewandowski

Windham, NH

"Dear Kristen, I can't ever thank you enough for the meticulous, rich, fascinating, and thoughtful work you did on my ancestry report. I see your heart behind this work and will treasure this information for years to come (and pass it down to my kids). I know you went above and beyond to put this together so comprehensively and I'm forever grateful. What you gave to me and my family is priceless."

Stephanie Allison

Cohasset, MA

"A few years back, I set out on a journey to learn about my ancestors.  I went on Ancestry.com, and while it was helpful to a degree, it just wasn't enough. Kristen was recommended to me as someone who might be able to help- and did she EVER!  It is thanks to Kristen's careful research that the long held mystery of who my paternal grandmother was- her background- all of it- was revealed.  My father only ever knew his grandfather's and grandmother's names, and that his mother had died when he was 3 years old. Fortunately, Kristen is a very CAREFUL researcher,  and it was thanks to this quality that documentation was found and verified. She spent many hours on this careful research, and I will be forever grateful. Thanks to her diligence, I have been able to trace my father's side of the family back many, many generations. Kristen even found a book based on letters written between my great-great grandfather and his family during the Civil War; I would never have known to even look for it. I can highly recommend Kristen as someone who will be very thorough in her research and in obtaining needed documentation."
Sara Finley
Medford, MA

"Kristen Cabral assisted me in researching my family tree. Her skills in genealogy are simply amazing. A relative who I believed was an only child actually had seven siblings. She was so helpful and fun to work with. The results exceeded my wildest expectations."

Tom Isaac

Milford, CT

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