Background Information Form

We want to avoid unnecessary duplication of research and maximize your commissioned time. Ask your family for information if possible. The more you can tell me, the more quickly I can find new information.


As part of your background information, I need a copy of your family tree. Please click here to download a chart that you can fill in.

Or- If you are an user, you can simply share your tree with me there instead; my username is Kristencabral27.


Please also include any copies of important documents and/or previous professional research.

Possible documents/artifacts that would be useful in gathering background information:

immigration papers, passport, funeral programs/cards, cemetery records, military records, newspaper clippings, family Bible, land records, heirlooms, journals/diaries, scrapbooks/baby books, yearbooks, birth/marriage/death records, school records, court records, photographs- esp. those with names, dates, places, or photographer stamp

Privacy Agreement

This form will be sent to you with your final research report. Please complete and sign.

Research Agreement (Sample)

This is our contract. After your free initial consultation, I will customize this form based on your needs and objectives. You will receive it via email. Please sign 2 copies, one for me and one for your records.

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